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Dry Verge

Traditional mortar bedding is still the most widely used fixing method in England & Wales, compared to Scotland where currently 80% of all verges are mechanically fixed.

However, the increased incidence of storms over the last few years has clearly highlighted the unreliability of mortar to secure the tiles.

The switch to dry verge is gathering greater momentum every year. With all the advantages it is not difficult to see why. 


Before & After

Dry Verge




Advantages of Dry Verge

Dry verge is:


Aesthetically pleasing

Requires little maintenance

Allows for the natural movement of the roof



Prevents birds and small animals from gaining access into the roof space

Ventilated to help prevent condensation into the roof space

Is available in a variety of colours, shapes and sizes


Dry Ridge

Fitting A Dry Ridge System


The Dry Ridge System has been developed to provide an easy to fix, maintenance free alternative to traditional mortar bedding. 

The verge of a roof is particularly susceptible to damage by wind-driven rain and often suffers extensive mortar damage over the years. Both builders and roofers have therefore had to re-assess the construction of roofs and in recent years dry, mortar-less roofing systems have become the preferred method.

Storm Proof Property Maintenance provides a quality upgrade service for your roof.

Advantages of Dry Ridge

The advantages of the Dry Ridge System definitely outweigh the old mortar method.

The Dry Ridge System is:

Extremely durable

Mechanically fixed and therefore, is much more secure than the mortar ridges

Requires little maintenance

Can withstand the wind and the rain which the UK is susceptible to


Allows for the natural movement of the roof, unlike the mortar fixings

Allows for ventilation of the roof to help prevent condensation or water getting into the roof space

Options of colours to choose from


Colours & Styles

Dry Ridge and Dry Verge are available in a variety of colours.