Roofing (General)

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Chimney Repairs, Re-Pointing, Stabilizing, Lead Work Around the Chimney

Lead Flashing

We are also fully qualified and trained to perform maintenance services on any lead flashing that you may have had done on your roof. This includes upgrading to GRP valley insulation and waterproofing.




Whilst the majority of chimneys are no longer used for their original purpose maintaining their condition is no less important. In order to combat the impact of weather and age chimneys require regular maintenance.  This could be as minor as localised re-pointing or a full rebuild.


If the chimney structure is not maintained and kept in good condition, the chimney construction can weaken with time and falling debris may cause damage to the rest of the roof. Worse still, a pedestrian may be injured. Perished pointing or brickwork may not be your weapon of choice but when falling from a height any resulting injuries may be very severe or even fatal.


That's why Storm Proof Property Maintenance aims to provide a proper and effective repair service to prevent any such disaster for conferring.

Conservatory Construction

Conservatories can quickly and easily give you the additional space you need – for everything from relaxing and entertaining to providing an office or games room – at a fraction of the price of the traditional built alternatives.

Our conservatories allow you to make the very most of the natural light and allow you to view your garden’s natural beauty from the comfort of a well-heated structure.

Or perhaps you require an upgrade on your conservatory roof - there are a few options concerning the roof, you can now have a light weight roof tile specifically made for conservatory roofs.

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